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The world’s smallest, most-portable 400Wh (Watt Hour) power supply. Designed to go anywhere you do
Product Specification
Capacity: 14.4V / 434Wh
Input: DC 16.8 V / 7.5 A Output: DC output: 12 V / 10 A, AC output: 110 V / 1.09 A, USB output: 5 V / 6 A (each port maximum 2.4 A)
Size: about 200 × 145 × 165 mm
Weight: about 4.3 kg 


Out of stock

Three output methods. Its all portable. 
Portable power supply compatible with three kinds of output method of USB / AC / DC. In addition to four fast-charge compatible USB ports (PowerIQ compatible), you can also charge connected devices from AC outlet and DC cigar socket.

Let’s carry the outlet. 
Since it is possible to output from an AC outlet, power can be supplied to mini refrigerators and cookers used in disasters and camping, as well as camping lights and laptops.

Ultimate large capacity. To the extent that it seems to be infinite. 
Approximately 40 smartphones from the USB port, about 15 full charge from the AC outlet to the laptop computer. If it is a camping light it can be used for about 100 hours in a row, a mini refrigerator for about 7 hours in a row, and about 4 hours in a TV if it is a TV.

safety. We pursued more than functionality. 

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